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Battery Charging - Dewalt


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I have a few questions on battery charging:


1. If I have multiple chargers running on on the same electrical circuit, does it affect run time or the life of the battery? For example, on a jobsite I would typically have the 4 way charger (DCB104) and 2-4 single chargers (DCB112, DCB101, or DCB102) plugged up to one outlet, possibly even the portable power station as well (charging batteries). Does this amount of load on a single typical electrical outlet affect the charging time or the charging quality of any dewalt battery? I have the full range from small 2ah batteries to 9ah flex volts. It seems that they charge slower which isnt a problem - but my main concern is affecting the charge quality/life of the batteries. 


2. Is it ok to charge flex volt batteries on normal chargers? I understand it will be considerably slower to charge a 9ah flex volt on a a DCB112 charger, but does it affect the life of the battery at all? I have a variety of chargers but none of the "flex volt fast chargers". Want to make sure they will do the job and not hurt these expensive batteries.


3. Will charging batteries in low temps affect battery life? I do alot of work in the winter time and don't have much choice but to charge batteries when its cold. How does this affect the life of the batteries? They are usually warm from rundown but cool off fast when they go on the charger. 

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1. No Difference at all in run time. Batteries are charged or not charged.


2. Yes, It’s arguably better to charge them on a slower charger. Less heat builds up.


3. Depends how cold it is. They have to warm up to take a charge if it’s severely cold. Also, they have to cool down to take a charge if it’s too hot.



I work by myself, entirely cordless. I don’t even carry a charger to work. It works best for me to charge everything at home and I have plenty of batteries to last a few days if needed.




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The DCB104 is a fast charger, same as the DCB118, but it can do 4 packs at once. The AC rating for it should be on the bottom of it. The DCB118 is rated at 120v 3A, so that thing alone should be around 12A, if it can charge all 4 ports at 8A each like it says it can. I haven't had the DCB104 apart but have torn down the DCB118. Charging current and what it pulls from the wall aren't the same, so that 32A it could charge the 4 packs at would only be 12A on the 120v side, and it would only be that if you had it loaded with 4 of the FlexVolt packs.


Having that many plugged up isn't going to hurt anything, the breaker in the circuit should trip if you pull too much there. If you're plugging them into who knows what then no one is going to be able to say what kind of issues might happen. Really long and thin extension cords with multiple things plugged in at the end drawing 15A isn't any good.


The chargers monitor the pack temperature, so too hot/cold and they'll cry and just not charge them until they get to where they need to be.

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