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Dewalt 2020 Idea Thread


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They release some good products but it always feels like less than half the rate of everyone else. Like they have three decent engineers and won’t hire any more to develop the product range they need to really keep up. But also maybe they just don’t care to diversify outside their bread and butter that much. Not sure if the limitation is really Dewalt so much as SBD in general with that one...


The haters can have whatever sentiments they want, but the gradual Chinesification of tools is spoiling us to new product lines expanding at paces we’ve never seen before. TTI and Chervon both have all their subsidiaries ballooning with new tool products. Even Makita looks slow developing new tools in comparison.

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On 5/24/2021 at 1:38 PM, Notslow said:

Dewalt needs to update the cordless vacuum with a modern high speed brushless motor like Dyson uses. I'd love to buy a powerful cordless dewalt vac.


Their current one is the same design from 15 years ago, just updated to take the newer slide style batteries. I still use my old one,  but I won't upgrade to the newer one since there is no other improvement besides battery and the thing doesn't have very good suction.


They have the flexvolt vac which is most powerful cordless vac I think.

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On 5/26/2021 at 8:37 PM, Jronman said:

They have the flexvolt vac which is most powerful cordless vac I think.

The DCS578 flexvolt dust collector looks like a nice unit.  A few issues, it isn't designed as a vacuum as much as a HEPA dust collector, so no attachments, because it's a HEPA filter it is very expensive  compared to a standard vac, like triple the price.


Lastly, it's compatible with T-Stak, not tough system, but that could be it's own thread. Why dewalt has 3 or 4 different, incompatible storage systems, I'll never understand.

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