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Dewalt battery catches fire burning my truck

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This happened 2 years ago and I was quiet about it.  Just so you guys know a dewalt flexvolt battery burned my truck writing it off.  Luckily the fire shorted wiring out turning my headlights on this was at 930 pm before bedtime.  I noticed the lights on so went to check and my truck dash was melted on one side along with the door panel.  When I opened the door the fire started to burn more intensely.  I managed to put the fire out with water I had panicked and burned my hand resulting in third degree burns.  Fire dept was also called to make sure.  The burning vehicle was beside 2 other vehicles and my house.  I can't imagine what would have happened if I didn't notice the headlights on and we went to sleep, it could have burned the other 2 vehicles and my house could have caught fire possibly killing us in our sleep.   Be very wary of your batteries I would store them in a aluminum or steel container just in case.  Any thoughts.









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Welcome to the forum.

That is a scary event. Hopefully your recovery is progressing.

There are no issues related to that problem on the DeWALT Safety Notices and Recalls web page.


According to the MSDS the conditions to avoid are: "Avoid exposure to elevated temperatures and fire."


Nothing else was located on-line about that problem.


Note that Lithium Ion batteries have high energy density and all appropriate handling procedures must be followed.

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I haven't experienced or known anyone around town experience this with their DeWALT batteries. I have had batteries with issues but none caught fire. I personally keep my batteries in a tough system in my garage. Sometimes I might have one battery in the pickup connected to my DeWALT light but otherwise they just get used in the garage.

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I've seen similar to be honest and had a near miss myself with Makita. I put my battery on charge and returned and it was smoking....red hot.

These batteries are powerful things and can fault causing damage like this

Was the pickup hot when you stored the drill in the front.....i.e hot day etc.

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23 hours ago, Paulw6969 said:

Don’t they say when not in use to put the red clip back on ,there way of getting out of a claim I am bugger for it  I don’t all ways or leave it in the tool 

I believe the red clip was just to make it legal for air transport.

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On 2/1/2020 at 10:22 PM, DR99 said:

I believe the red clip was just to make it legal for air transport.

Yes converts the battery into essentially 3 batteries

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