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I'm getting ready to put together a set of power for myself, mainly for small household projects and modifications to existing Ikea furniture. A list of what I'm looking to buy and It can be viewed Here


Mainly I want to know if the batteries that come with the drill and the driver set will be compatible with the jig saw? I believe I had read somewhere that 20V MAX is not the same as 20V. Additionally I want to know if these tools are priced right? I have kept a pretty close eye on local marketplaces, but have noticed that these tool sell for quite a bit more used... I thought that was very strange. Thanks in advance for the help!


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The batteries are compatible.  The older stem-style 18v batteries are not.  


As for the price, it looks okay for the combo and about right for the jigsaw.  The DCD771 is DeWalt's oldest and least capable budget drill while the DCF885 was the standard impact driver prior to brushless tools taking the premium positions.  As such, a holiday DCF885 kit runs about $99 while a slightly better drill kit will run you about the same.  Also, those batteries have been eclipsed by newer and higher capacity ones.  While 1.3Ah was decent for a starter kit ten years ago, most starter kits come with at least 1.5Ah batteries now.  The jigsaw will run with those batteries but runtime will be minimal unless you invest in a 4Ah or larger battery.


If you can afford it, a kit like this will net you slightly larger batteries ND newer and more powerful brushless tools: https://www.amazon.com/DEWALT-DCK277C2-Compact-Brushless-Impact/dp/B01KZNDYT0/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?keywords=dewalt+drill+impact+driver+combo+kit&qid=1579133149&sprefix=dewalt+drill+imp&sr=8-4 


For $5 less than the above kit you can get the Atomic kit DeWalt released last year.

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One thing to mention is you will need jigsaw blades for the jigsaw and not reciprocating saw blades. I would agree with what @fm2176 the brushless stuff is the way to go. In many cases more runtime and more power. I would pick the atomic impact and drill over the entry level brushless drill and impact. I felt DeWALT cut a few too many corners with this kit like the lack of a triple led which the brushed kit it was seemingly designed to replace has the triple led setup. Also the power is nearly identical to the old kit. The lack of triple led is not a huge deal and the power isn't either but just something to consider. With the Atomic you get an affordable option that has the triple led and a bit more power than the entry level brushless. The premium stuff is nice and all but has a much larger price tag and feature set that would be very overkill for most homeowners needs. I don't know how versatile you need the drill to be but you might want to consider the option with hammer mode just incase you need to install a small concrete screw or two. Maybe if you got a basement and need to instal something on the wall it might come in handy. You might try places like Acme Tool and Toolnut for sales. Typically at the start of the month new deals arrive like free battery/bare tools, percentage off deals, and money off deals.

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