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Parkside? (Lidl Store Brand)


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I may finally get around to assembling the Parkside bench top drill press I bought a few months ago.  A forum search for the brand results in one mention of the Grizzly track saw looking similar to a Parkside version, so I figured I'd ask, "Who has tried out Parkside tools?"


First, I'll give a Lidl background for those unfamiliar with the store: Lidl is a grocery store not too dissimilar from Aldi.  Both are Germany-based and have a smaller footprint than most American supermarkets.  Both also feature proprietary brands (some which are identical products albeit with different labels), lower prices than most competitors, and a bring or buy your bags (or simply grab a box from one of the bins around the store--these companies really seem to minimize waste) mentality.  Best of all, each store offers a rotating selection of themed items.  Exercise and health equipment, pet and household products, etc.  Oh, and they also sometimes sell power tools and hardware.  While Aldi usually has a single aisle devoted to such things, Lidl offers at least twice the selection in bins located in the middle of the store.


So, back to the topic.  Have any of you tried Parkside out?  Besides the press, I've seen bench grinders and other bench tools, 20v Max cordless tools, and even 40v Max OPE.  They also have assorted hardware that may be worth checking out.  I picked up a couple of decent looking o-ring assortments last year.


I suspect this drill press is akin to most Harbor Freight bench tools: cheap (I think I paid @$70) and hit or miss in quality.  Even so, it's cheaper than the Ryobi or Porter Cable, and fills a niche my shop was lacking.  Also, until and if I justify buying better equipment, its pricing is in line with my other corded bench tools: PC router in Ryobi router table ($100 total not counting bits), Ryobi wet tile saw ($50 + $20 pump and eventually $40 DeWalt blade), and Ryobi band saw ($80).  


Okay, so early morning rambling over, who owns, has seen, or even cares about these Chinese tools sold by a German company in a store that most people go to for cheap milk and eggs?



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So, I just picked up a Parkside bench grinder/belt sander for $49, identical to the one in this video.  The person who posted that upgraded his a few months later with a material rest for the sander portion.


This seems like a decent bench tool, and the price is a little less than bench grinders go for at the big box stores.  For those with a Lidl in the area, it's worth checking them out.  Right now they have their cordless power tools and garden tools back in stock.  While I wouldn't trust these as much as I would, say, Ryobi, they've used the same 20v battery platform since I started visiting the store three years ago, and the price would appeal to the casual homeowner/DIY'er.


As a further example of odd tool-related deals, I picked up an assortment of SDS-Plus drill bits a couple of years ago.  These are 24"-36" long and they had two varieties, one in a 3-pack an the other in a 4-pack.  I think they were somewhere along the lines of $7/pack on clearance, well below the cost of even Harbor Freight bits.

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