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Help with right electrical connection

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Hi, I inherited a table saw and I need to run a new outlet for it.  I'm pretty novice with electrical stuff, but have installed light fixtures, outlets, light switches.  I'm confident I can do this, but I want to get it right.


Info from the table saw:

Busy Bee Fine Machine Tools
10L" Table Saw
Model: B210A
Volts: 115
Phase: 1
Cycles: 60Hz
Amps: 18
RPM: 4053
Date: 1988
The plug is a 20-amp plug, like this:  16942.jpg
So... I know I need a 20-amp breaker.  The Busy Bee customer service agent says it's a 220-volt plug.  So, should I put in a double-pole, 240-volt, 20-amp breaker?  Or do I just need a single 120-volt, 20 amp breaker?
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Welcome to the forum.


The OP image shows a NEMA 5-20 plug, a 120VAC / 20A plug. It ONLY fits into a NEMA 5-20 receptacle, that accepts both that 20A plug and a standard NEMA 5-15 plug (grounding) or a standard NEMA 1-15 plug (non-grounding), polarized or un-polarized.


If it were a 240VAC / 20A plug, then it would be a NEMA 6-20 plug. That plug has the rotation of the flat blades opposite of that shown in the OP image


A standard 120VAC / 20A breaker feeding a circuit with standard 20A receptacles is required. Assuming standard home construction, the wire feeding these receptacles is 12/2 NM-B.


Please ensure the entire operation is implemented correctly and safely. As an example, I've been wiring for many decades and have seen MANY improper jobs. The frequent issues are bad or non-existing grounding, failure to properly ground metal boxes, failure to properly secure ground connections, failure to mechanically bond line and neutral connections, failure to secure the cable near the box and failure to secure the cable to the box, as some examples.


Feel free to ask questions.




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