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Help choosing my first makita impact driver


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I'm in the market for a new impact driver.  I am on the "yellow brand" battery platform but they have really been slacking lately. So I've wondered off to other brands. 


I really like what the new xtdz16 has to offer but without any batteries, the kit is going to be more than I want to spend. 


HD has the makita starter pack with (2)

4 ah batteries (charger and bag) at $149. I figured I I purchase that from HD and buy a bare tool impact driver. This way I have (2) 4 ah batteries.. I plan on building my wood working hobby cordless tools using makita cordless. The 4 ah batteries would be perfect to go with my future purchase of jigsaw, router and planer.  


May you please recommend what makita impact driver you would purchase if you were me?? I would like to stay below the $120 level. 


I value ergonomics, power, speed and noise level,  in that order


Thank you..


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Makita’s impacts pretty much all stick to the same power levels, so this one is more or less as strong as any of them, while including what I think is the most important basic feature, which is multiple speeds. So you don’t accidentally bludgeon more delicate projects.

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2 hours ago, Tools & Stuff said:

If you value all the things you say in the last line of your post then you want the xtd16. Simple. You won't regret it.

The XDT16 is great, but I don't think it's the only Makita impact that meets those criteria. Honestly, I'd say the XDT14, XDT12, and XDT16 are pretty similar in each of those categories. The XDT14 is our go to impact; 90% of the features and frequently discounted (a local dealer had them for $80 over the holidays). 

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Thanks dude.. exactly what I needed.  I came to the same conclusion somewhere along my research that the xdt14 was going to be my first makita impact, somehow my brain became overwhelmed with the stats, lol.


I tend to look at powertool specifications and analyze them to much that I get lost and my mind goes on a tangent. Lol... the xdt14 is what I am going to aim for. If you are saying  a "local dealer" had them got 80 over the holidays, the $112 price that HD has it listed is and $92 that Amazon has it listed are a little high and I believe still have a good chance to shave of a could bucks, obviously I missed out on the holiday deals and I should not expect 80 bucks but if I can get the bare tool for under 90 than that would make me a happy camper.  I'm not in a big hurry so I'll wait another week and hawk tool websites.. 

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@Deeboy818 I would pick the XDT16 regardless of price. The XDT16 has the dual bearing collet, the dual leds, 4 speeds, and 4 specialty modes. It may not on paper have a power bump but I have seen a few tests where it has beaten impacts with more powerful on paper specs. Another option would be the quiet impact. I don't know the model number. Maybe you could help fund the new impact by selling some of the tools from the brand you are moving from? Also If you plan to buy any x2 kits, like the track saw they generally have 2 free 5.0 batteries on a very regular basis. I would check Acme Tool or Toolnut for their deals. You can find the XDT16 online for around $63 from a place called Radsaler. I have never heard of the place. $63 bare tool seems awfully low considering Amazon is currently showing it at around $177 bare tool.

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The XDT16 definitely has perks, and if you could find it that cheap then why not go with it, but I'd research the vendor VERY well at a price like that.  I got my XDT16 for $125 and thought it was a steal... 


Everyone is going to value specific features differently and it might be those perks matter for what you're planning to be doing. I treat the two as 90% interchangeable. I do wish they all had 2 leds. As for power, all of Makita's top line brushless impacts fare better in head to heads than their paper specs suggest they should. 



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