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Brand new to woodworking!


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I inherited 2 chest of antique from my uncle. He took great care of them but they have been in the chests over 10 years. Some have light rust, there are several hand saws and planes on many sizes. Also several braces with numerous buts. How do I get rid of light rust and very minor pitting? Should I keep light oil on them? Thanks for your time!

Kind Regards,


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Welcome to the forum.


Yes, keeping tools clean and oiled helps to limit rust.


Old tools are frequently "better" with the aged patina intact.


One method I've had luck with not damaging surfaces is to drag a hand held utility knife blade to scrape across a surface.


A kitchen metal soap pad, like SOS, also can have good results. It is amazing on aluminum parts.


Post some images showing the tools and detail the desired results.

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With just about any approach you’ll need to first remove surface dirt and any grease or oil residue to get effective penetration of whatever rust remover you use, and the simplest way is a good scrub with soapy water. Along with kerosene and turps, there is a range of effective degreasing products available should heavy oil or grease be a problem.


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New to woodwork??  The basic and utmost important step is the safety and handling of the tool.  Il mention some of the basic safety procedure here and they are

  1. Follow the user manual and handle the tool with care.

  2. Dont expose the cords to heat and oil when not in use.

  3. Never ever carry the tool a tool with the hose or cord's

  4. Keep all people not involved in the work place away, especially children's

  5. Disconnect the tool when not in use.

  6. Wear proper gears while working , avoid jewels and loose clothing


Hope this helps

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