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New fuel 8" metal cutting circular saw


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I feel like my prayers have been answered. We used the 8" corded version for years and, while I love the 5⅜" fuel model, I've broke 4 in the last two years.  They've been covered under warranty but I was starting to come to the conclusion the the 5⅜" wasn't heavy duty enough for what I was using it for and needed a different answer.  This is exactly what I was looking for.

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17 hours ago, paulengr said:

How did you break them?

I keep taking out the gears.  Started with a new saw in fall of 2017 broke it, sent it in and they repaired it with armature and gear housing.  Stripped gears again and they sent me a new saw.  Broke 2nd new saw and sent it in to warranty to have them replace armature and gear housing.  Broke repaired saw and I'm now on a 3rd new saw. 


I see in the online parts manual they have updated the gear housing, but I haven't even used the newest saw because about the time I got it they released the new 8" so I've just been using my brushed 5⅜" saw.  I'm still trying to decide if I should keep the fuel 5⅜" or sell it.  I really do like it because it has a lot of power in a small package and never seemed underpowered for anything I was cutting.  But if its only going to last me 6 months its just a matter of time before I run out of warranty.  I would also say that we've stripped gears in a couple 8" corded saws over the last 15 years so its not like it doesn't happen but every 6 months is a little too excessive.

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I personally think its a design flaw and the gears are too weak.  We use the saws daily but no where close to using them enough to wear them out in under 6 months.  Doing the same work we were getting over 5 years out of the corded 8" model.  It was always a specific abusing task that broke the corded model, like one broke the day after a newer guy was cutting some heavy I-beams.  That wasn't the case with the fuel 5⅜",  I mainly cut 12ga sheet steel with it and I was never abusing it when it broke.

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