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RO 150

Chris Payne

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@Chris Payne I have had it do this on occasion. More so with the gearing disengaged. I heard it gets better over time but I’m not for sure. It could also be the larger pad and 5mm stroke that makes it more noticeable than 5 in sanders or maybe an unequal amount of pressure on one edge vs another. Those are my theory as to why it might do this.

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Welcome to the forum.


My Festool RO150FEQ has been used waaay more hours of continuous usage than I dare to count.


As you should be aware, proper operation with this tool is the pad flat on the surface (not tipped), with regular pushing force (not excessive) and the force normal (perpendicular) to the surface, pushing on the back pad.


As was stated, a vacuum is REQUIRED when using this tool. It serves many benefits. One is the obvious, dust removal. It also keeps the media (sandpaper) from clogging. It also helps extend the media life. It also keeps the tool cooler.


If the media is clogged then it might cause the tool to hop around. If the pad is past the service life then this might affect operation.



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