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New DeWALT Shelving


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I ordered some new DeWALT Industrial Shelving from Home Depot. I got the [roughly 6' w x 6' h x 2' d] 4 shelf version. I decided to save $50 so I chose ship to store for the first time ever. It went just fine. I wasn't expecting the weight of the unit to be roughly 160+ lbs. Home Depot even helped me get it into my pickup truck which was nice. I planned to put it in a 10' x 10' storage unit I occupy to store my mowing and snow equipment. I put it together by myself but if I remember right the directions recommended a second person to help. There were a couple steps that could have been more clear but otherwise it went together without much issue. Previously I had covered most of the ground with my equipment but now the majority of it is contained within the shelving. I felt the quality was good enough. Everything was mostly metal. The 4th shelf is a composite material which is the only main non metal part included. There are a few smaller non structural parts that were not of metal. Adjusting the height of the shelf is reasonably easy. It requires removing a few screws which aren't a huge deal. Every shelf has 8 cross braces. There was an included bracket for use as an anti tip safety feature which gets fastened to the wall. I did not use the bracket. If I had 2500 lbs on the top shelf held to the wall with 4 included plastic drywall anchors and screws I might wonder will the bracket even hold in a tip scenario. I'm not even close to the rated capacity so I wasn't too worried about tipping.



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They look durable.


One possible upgrade would be to bolt plywood across the grating. 

That would make sliding easier, prevent small stuff from falling through and improve dent resistance.


Mine are steel panels w/ tee-shaped corner posts, flat diagonal slats, all retained with bolts. I have seven bays of shelves.


Mine are marked with the shelf and diagonal locations for ease when moving. Mine have placement limitations due to the design, bolts being shared for adjacent shelves, plus a bolt used for a shelf isn't available for a diagonal. But mine are also very heavy duty.

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