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guitar crack


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I have a hairline crack straight from bridge back to the back edge....along the glued seam on this 2 piece back...common issue for  acoustic guitars...

I could back it and force Gorilla glue  down it and then sand and lacquer. Or I could rout out a 1/16 inch dado and fill with an inlay plastic design...like herrinbone.

I dont care if it changes the appearance, as long as it is nice.any ideas??? its a higher end guitar..


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Adding anything to the inside changes the resonance. Same with routing. This type of repair is tricky to do because the body of the guitar is part of the acoustics. So if it's just an appearance thing (it just hangs on a wall) then a lot of options are possible. If you care about the acoustics find your local professional musical instrument shop (not guitar center) and go from there. If you reglue need to duplicate what the manufacturer used AND it's not that easy. Another approach is a professional restorer. These guys are pros at putting almost anything back together but again not easy to find. This may sound odd but call a local moving company or two. They know who to call because if something gets damaged in shipment they are on the hook to get it fixed if there is insurance involved. But they're more the cosmetic specialists usually, but might know someone. The people you are looking for don't advertise very much and the ones you want don't advertise at all. It's 100% word of mouth.

A crack in anything sets up a high stress at the microscopic level that you cant see that acts to push things apart and increase the crack size working against the remaining glued material pushing it together...The crack wins. A common mistake with partial cracks is not addressing the crack tip that you cant see because right now it looks solid.

This problem though is basically considered "fatal".

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