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Looking for Road Legal AND Quality 7440 White LEDs


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I am looking for white led backup lights for my car since one burnt out. The sizing is 7440. I want something that is road legal. Please do not convince me to justify, bend the rules, compromise, etc. Just because a policeman won't stop a person for it doesn't mean it is justified or right. My first go to site is Amazon but the options are very minimal and questionable if they are compliant or not. Most of it is "Chinesium" "el cheapo" (not necessarily from China but of questionable quality). I want something that is going to last. The options I found of name brand did not get great reviews. I try to look at reviews but lately I have heard they can be rigged so are the reviews even genuine anymore. I have always viewed a higher review count as being more accurate. Maybe I am better off just sticking with a halogen?

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