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old 24v tools


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I have an old set of Bosch tools (drill, saw, light, 3 batteries in a hard case)

which I haven't used in a few years. The old NiCad batteries (BAT030) are dead but the tools are in great shape.

I'm an older guy who is locked down but would like to do things. What should I do about batteries?

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The battery (2 607 335 280) for my old PSB 24 VE-2 Drill died is now obsolete and since 2017 has not been supplied by Bosch.


I bought a Shentec battery from Amazon but whereas the Bosch one could be removed from the drill single-handedly I found the Shentec one impossible to remove. So much pressure was required to release the locking mechanism that I had to use a Leifheit jar opener and have an assistant pull the drill upwards. I have a photo but can't add it.


Hope this helps.


Shentec Battery



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The instructions that came with the Shentec Ni-Mh battery did not give much advice about how to maintain it. The attached link is useful in that respect. It recommends discharging completely and recharging Ni-Mh batteries every 3 months. Also photo of battery removal attached.


Battery Care




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