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Ryobi 40V chainsaw stops after a few minutes

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I recently bought a Ryobi 40V cordless 14" chainsaw to do some yard cleanup, including taking apart a couple of trees that came down.  I have both a 4Ah and 6Ah battery for it, and regardless of which battery I'm using the chainsaw stops and refuses to restart after a couple of minutes of use (and I do mean a couple of minutes.)  Pulling and reinserting the battery will let it start up again, for another 30 seconds or so.


Ryobi support was completely unhelpful.  Is this intended design, with the saw stopping because it's getting too hot, or do I have a defective saw?  Any advice would be helpful.



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Hello fjacquette,

 Yes, I experience the same problem with my saw but I have an older (2014) model.  Frustrating to learn that the same problem exists in the newer saws as well. 

 I just watched a video breakdown of the disassemblly and troubleshooting for this particular problem and, according to this video, the problem was loose wire connections in the internal components.  All this person did was disassemble the unit carefully to uncover the electrical system from the battery terminal to the motor that spins the sprocket, tighten some flat head screws, test the unit, and reassemble.  This seemed to have fixed the issue according to the video.  Here is the video link: 

I will probably be attempting this procedure in the near future. 

 I would say that since you have recently purchased a newer model that it is probably under warranty and you should either return it to the store or contact Ryobi for replacement.  Hope this helps!

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