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Phillips #4


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Anyone ever used a Phillips #4? I had to install a few screws the other day that were clearly bigger than a Phillips #3. I did not have any #4 bits so I used the #3 which was close enough to not cam out but still pretty loose. It got the job done. It is a screw that I doubt I will have to remove ever so I felt the #3 was acceptable.

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In UK we mostly use Phillips #2 for Drywall (Plaster Boards) screws and very rarely Phillips #1 for some wooden fittings like curtain rails and I have never used Phillips #4 myself, but here European version of Phillips which is called Pozi is the most common and I used Pozi #4 once almost a decade ago for very long and thick screws, and I remember Pozi #3 was not working on them properly. But now most thick screws are Torx (T40) not Pozi or Phillips.

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