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Are the 6.0 batteries worth the money


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I just purchased 6.0 batteries that were on sale to make a test comparison between the many batteries I have. What I did was to put a load by using two batteries in blower XBU02PT1. To my surprise, there was a 48-second difference between my 5.0 batteries and the 6.0 mAh hour batteries lasting a little
longer. Does anybody know how many amps that blower pulls? I got 11.48 minutes, and the high setting the ambient temp was 67 degrees and using aThermal Imaging Camera, the batteries at the vent hole was 109 Degrees. This was the first cycle of this. Battery I put the blower on full max. I Clamped the fan to the table and ran a timer. The  5.0 batteries ran 11.25 the 4.0 ran 8.20, and the 2.0 ran 3.31 minutes. So is the 6.0 battery worth it?

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22 hours ago, rcarnes911 said:

I have a couple of 6.0s in the rotation they are okay, but i would buy flexvolts now if i was looking for bigger batteries the 6.0 flexvolts out perform the 6.0 20v in 20v tools,  if you need small batteries stick with the 3.0-4.0 slims

I think the OP was referring to Makita batteries,  not dewalt. 


The few 6.0s I have in rotation seem to last a decent bit longer than the 5.0s, but I haven't used them in something like a blower.  I don't know whether the 6.0s are really worth it though given the price difference and widely available promotions for free 5.0s.

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Definitely depends on the make. In terms of hard numbers the Makita 6.0s are not worth the premium, they cost about twice as much as 5.0s. In practice I think to make it worth it would involve high-draw something where 6.0 vs 5.0 manages to be the difference between charging once before lunch or charging twice etc. Over enough time, then maybe the price premium becomes worth it.

Otherwise just given the numbers provided by the OP, I probably wouldn’t feel 6.0s to be worth it even with brands priced more directly proportional to rated Ah, just because the extra time of running is so insignificant. Although other things could be going on. Maybe after a few charge cycles it will behave more closely to rated performance, for example. I’ve heard this talked about more than directly been able to discern it, however. I only have a handful of batteries, and not in a ton of different sizes. I don’t use them per any consistent routine plus batteries get swapped out between multiple tools often over multiple days so even very obvious differences I have measured (like 5Ah vs 3Ah) is easy to not notice in practice.

Another thing that could factor into a decision, would be if a 6.0 battery was using 21700 cells while everything below it was using 18650s. Then the potential increase in current output capacity with high-draw tools can make the price premium worthwhile for some people in some applications.

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Since I retired, I got in the 18650s that are in most portable tools. I have multiple chargers and dischargers for single cells. I purchase the 6.0s at a very good price, 159.00 for a set. You are right; it's my first cycle on them using on 36 volt that it pulls a lot of amps. I have a whole lot of batteries, even the 5.0s that were over five years old tested very well. Here is what I do to keep then healthy in multiple tubs and stored half charged at room temperature I baby those things. I have broken five packs that were 1.5s and 3.0s and tested them with surprising results. I would like to know they get the run time and amperage out of them. I have more homework to do.

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