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Drill Chuck


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Good idea about the pistol. Since I bought one, I am going to do the same thing. Problem I live in Illinois where the bad guys have more rights than people who obey the laws.

That's about everywhere anymore. My brother is a cop and has actually had court orders to return confiscated guns to convicted felons who weren't allowed to have them in the first place.

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You are all right, Can't trust anyone.  That's why when ever I sell something on Craigslist and meet them, I just shoot them in the back as they are leaving. Then I can sell it again.  And when I sell something on Ebay I wait until I receive the money from them, then I just send anthrax to them.  Then I can sell it again.  Works every time.  (Disclaimer: Before anybody calls the CIA,FBI,NSA,or COP. This was all just a joke. I am only repeating what someone somewhere told me.  I am a dutiful upstanding member of society. Always there to help others and look out for the common man.)  

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