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M 18 planer blade issues


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G’day guys.

I have had an issue with myplaner since new which has resulted in me removing it from my toolkit out of sheer frustration. It seems people have trouble with the planer taking to big of a cut even with the setting at zero. I have the opposite problem with it taking virtually nothing with the depth set at maximum. Now when I first got this plane I had an issue with the blade mounting plates hitting the timber before the blade( I checked that the blades were seated properly) but ended up grinding the edges of the mounting plate to get the tool usable.

Has anyone had a similar issue and if so what was the remedy. Can the blades be adjusted? Is there any other way to adjust the cut. This is the first planer I’ve had with this kind of issue and am terribly frustrated .

cheers Jim

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Hey guys, I’ve had the same problem of the planer blades protruding lower than the rear base plate. Therefore when you make a pass it takes a dip at the end of the workpiece. There isn’t any adjustment to rectify this. If you remove the blades you will see a milled recess in the cutter block that determines the blade position. I have altered this with some patience and some needle files and now the blades are set correctly as they should be. It is frustrating and I’ve never had this with any other planer I’ve ever owned. 

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