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Hello everyone! I’m new to this site—I actually just joined 10 minutes ago. Like many of you, I’m a tool lover & somewhat of a tool geek if I’m really going to be honest! My reason for joining was initially because of the search I’m doing for some parts for the vintage Ridgid contractors table saw (TS3612) that I recently purchased. It’s a real beast-267 lbs of cast iron & steel...I wouldn’t be able to move it without the Herc-u-Lift caster setup it has. I’ve
been looking all over the interweb for information about the other Ridgid table saws that were also made by the Emerson tool & electric company at the time (my model is said to have been the last Ridgid table saw manufactured by the Emerson tool company before US manufacturing jobs were lost, & all models after mine were made inTaiwan). My model was Ridgid’s answer to upgrading, & replacing ts2424. I believe the model after mine was the ts3650, which was made in Taiwan. The reason for the distinction between USA made, & made in Taiwan is twofold. First, having tools that were made here in the good old USA is important, & a source of pride to, & for me. Secondly, if I can determine which other Ridgid table saws (under the Emerson label) were made here in the US, I’ll have a better shot at finding my parts—& here’s why: Emerson was also making table saws ( and other tools) for Sears Robuck’s Craftsman brand at the time. I believe that the Emerson made Craftsman table saws are very similar in design, & therefore parts.....& I may be able to utilize those parts for my table saw, effectively doubling the odds of my locating the parts I need.   I’ve had very little luck so far. If anyone can share some information with me on this, or the history of both the Emerson company, & their involvement with Craftsman tools, I would be very appreciative! I said in the beginning that this search of mine was initially the reason for my joining  The real reason is because these groups are an important part of my life, & my love of tools & working with tools. I belong to the Ridgid group called ridgid forum, & several more. These groups are important because of the good will, & comradery that they foster. They are also important because of the free flowing sharing of information & ideas that are nothing short of win-win for all. Another benefit of groups like these is the oft repeated safety mantras that one is likely to hear—a very good thing for the newbies, & beginners that might be here; and how can staying safe while using the tools that we love be all bad?


 The parts I’m looking for are:


1) OEM blade guard, & entire guard assembly.

2)  OEM mitre gauge (the entire gauge)

3) OEM wrenches that came with the 3612

4) OEM Owner’s manual

5) OEM replacement power on/off switch

6) OEM push stick that came with ts3612 


Thank you very much for bearing with me,



Barnacle Bill

”It’s a Table Saw for crying out loud”

(Still have all 10 fingers & toes)





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