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Nearly new DeWalt DCD996 - rattling sound - faulty?

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Hi All,


A newbie, and a bit of a covid-19 turned DYI-er here. I'd be grateful for you advice. I recently bought a DeWalt DCD996 and have used it for occasional drilling in masonry (yes, I know - an SDS would be better, but I don't do it often). I have drilled maybe 80 two-four inch holes for far, and the drill recently began making a rattling sound whenever I shake it (including when not powered), which was not present when new. Any thoughts? It's still under warranty (3 months old), so I wondered if I should call DeWalt about it.  Using Bosch Professional masonry drills with the drill.


A short video here: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AvQ4ApR_RY3l3QxHiYYatOu3o2Eu?e=WlYVIL


Thought this drill can tackle some occasional masonry, so would appreciate advice!



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We have a dcd995 that's about 6 years old that makes a similar noise.  Started doing it when it was like a year old and has never caused any issue with the drill.  Its annoying but I've never actually tore it apart to try find out whats rattling.

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