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Black & Decker 14.4V Firestorm Drill Burning Odor


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Hello all,

I have a Black & Decker 14.4V Firestorm Cordless Drill that has a burning odor immediately when pressed.  I assumed it would be the brushes, but when I took it apart to check, it appears there are no brushes on this drill.  The motor and clutch both don't have an odor, but the VSR Switch does have an odor to it.  Since I've never encountered a problem with a burning odor that isn't the brushes, is it safe to assume replacing the VSR Switch would solve my problem?  Is there something else that could be the problem?  The actual part number for this drill is HP532.



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Paul is right its probably not worth investing any money in repairs at this time. You can get the Harbor Freight Warrior drill for 34.99 and possibly even lower with a coupon. I would also look into Ryobi just because of the depth of tools offered.

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Thanks guys!  I have this problem where I cannot bring myself to throw away things that work, or could work if I get a part.  I'll probably fix this just because I hate throwing things in the trash.  But thanks for the advice for sure.

So you are a cat?

Cats do that. They go kill a mouse and drop it on the door step as a present for you. You can yell at the cat and the cat just gnaws on the mouse and shows, see there’s still some good meat on this dead mouse. You can’t throw it away! I brought it back for you. I saved all the most tender parts just for you so that you keep feeding and petting me.

Mechanics always bring back dead parts and leave them by the door to the shop. Try to throw one away and they promptly go to work gnawing on the carcass and showing you how much good stuff there is left on it, even though the part has obviously long ago failed. With mechanics we often have to provide them with a “lay down yard” so that they have a place to drag their dead carcasses to. Then eventually we dump it when they forget what they had in the pile, dead mice and all.

So just park it in the dead tool pile for 5 to 10 years until the smell of dead batteries and burned up motors gets so stinky that you finally give in and throw it out,
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