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spark shroud for angle grinder


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can't even use my grinder inside for fear a spark will ignite some speck of sawdust in a crack....always go outside and not in summer heat/fire...

I need a homemade metal shroud to funnel all the sparks into a hose and metal can......anyone make one for this??

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Welcome to the forum.


+1 on safety first.


The nature of grinding includes glowing metal sparks. 


My observations of those operations are that most of the debris goes in the path tangent to the contact point.


However many embers remain on the wheel surface only to detach at some other point.


The maximum safety will be realized by performing the grinding in an area w/o sawdust, regardless of collection apparatus.


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Grinding is considered “hot work” in most industrial plants just like welding and torch cutting. That means removing or protecting combustibles, wearing non-melting clothing, keep a fire extinguisher handy, etc. I really don’t care where you direct the sparks. I do electrical work and I use grinders. The slag and sparks go everywhere no matter how hard you try to retain it. Sure you can avoid the majority of it but some sparks always defy any containment. I just cover all vents, vacuum and wipe everything down after.

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