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What dust extractor to go with? What is best? Hilti, Festool?

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The filters and blower are basic tech until you get into large systems where you get pulse jets and Torit systems. The thing is there is a balance called the air to cloth ratio which needs to be under about 4 and the pressure drop needs to be between 2 and 8 inches: for ANY filter. If air flow is too low or high it doesn’t work: Also you need a certain CFM based on the opening it is sucking air through, the gaps around the tool. If it’s too much it won’t capture the dust and you are forced to use a bigger blower which means a bigger filter. Just saying so you get what the technology limits are.

So the best dust collector is the one built specifically for a specific tool. Everything else is meaningless. Using a Festool dust extractor on a Dewalt grinder is not a good idea.

With saws it’s a different story. They have built in dust ports and just take any shop vac. Shop vacs come in a variety of CFM but the saw manuals give a minimum CFM. More is not better. If you are above minimum you get maximum collection efficiency.

Buying super high filtration filters kills air to cloth ratio over OEM filters. 3M is famous for selling overpriced filters that reduce system performance. Don’t do this. Especially with concrete and drywall dust that plugs filters quickly.

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You could look into Flex Vacuums. I have the festool and the Flex. The flex works just as well as the festool and it cost less then the festool

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