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Sub-compact wishlist


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I love the Makita sub-compact range and Toolbane's recent post of the upcoming sub-compact bandsaw got me thinking about what else I'd like to see in it. Top of my list is a brushless OMT followed by a brushless angle impact driver. Would also love a flex-click type installation driver and a sub-compact angle driver (if they could manage it). What would you guys want to see?

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Signs are they’ve been working on a brushless OMT for some time, but when it releases I would guess it will probably just be marketed as the “compact” replacement for the current one, even though diagrams online suggest it could be worthy of “subcompact” status.


Even though I’m a fan of the line in concept I don’t have many current tools I expressly want a subcompact for. Makita does so well just making their regular tools compact that the subcompacts are often overkill for me. Like why isn’t their 4” brushless angle grinder considered “sub-compact”? I don’t think it even makes sense to go smaller than that.

Of the ones already out, I think the one I would be most likely to get would be the brushless recip saw. The circular saw is also pretty compelling except I don’t want blade right, so maybe a blade left model. I could totally go for a subcompact brushless die grinder...that would basically just be the shameless Dremel knockoff I’ve been wishing forever for Makita to make. A brushless sheet sander would probably qualify as subcompact whether or not they would choose to market it as such. Oh and a subcompact brushless screwdriver, based on the subcompact drill, analogous to the drivers they have in their CXT line. That would be pretty swank.

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