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Damaged Tool Box


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Soooo I get home from the trip and find my tool box was delivered, opened it up ( it was packaged really well) and find that i cant open the bottom drawer because there is a huge dent in the bottom, and the top posts are smashed because it looks like someone sat a truck on top of it, I immediately packaged it back up and demanded a refund, Atleast i am covered under buyer protection on ebay.

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No, but i will now.

I strongly suggest you do so. As long as the description didn't specify any damage you will get your money back in 1 of 2 ways:

1. The seller will do the right thing and refund you. He probably insured the package, if not, it's his problem.

2. If he refuses to refund you, you can file a complaint with eBay and provide pictures of the damage. eBay should then refund you and garnish his Paypal account for the money.

If he's a regular seller he knows this shit so I'd say he'll refund you.

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+1 Hammer out the dents and use it. You've got a free box and money in your pocket to spend on more tools. Sounds like a win/win to me!

How much do you think I could get out of it if I hammered out the dents, everything else is brand new in the package, It retails for 138

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