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Dead blow hammer


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Hi. This is an oddball question, I know. Does anyone know of a manufacturer of dead blow hammers that have removable end(s) that are NOT the style that have a short threaded stud in their center that screw into a tapped hole in the head/body of the hammer? I need a version that instead has threads on the outer circumference of the endcap(s), and matching threads on the hammer head's body. The end would be much like, say, a threaded cap for a gas pipe, if that makes sense. I have seen an episode of "How Its Made" that shows the production of such a hammer, but I could not make out the manufacturer's name. I think it was Stanley, but I'm not sure. I would imagine that from the mfgr, these end cap(s) are screwed on pretty tight, but I'm hoping with a vise, and/or a pipe wrench I might be able to unscrew the cap from the hammer's head/body. Any help HIGHLY appreciated! Thank you. 


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