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Milwaukee Pipeline Episode 1

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What did you guys think of Episode one of Pipeline? What were your likes and what were your dislikes?

I liked the 23g m12 nail gun. The light was a nice addition that the stapler does not have. The Impact wrenches were nice and very good upgrades but a new impact wrench every year when other tools are lacking in updates is kinda getting old. I do like the triple led setups on the new impacts and the compact is impressively compact. I liked that the OMTs finally got an update but I felt they  were nothing to write about. The M18 variant had more updates I felt like. The new led setup is very nice. The vibration reduction and optimized oscillation angle was also nice. I was hoping to see Starlock but at least it is still compatible with universal fit. The new blade selection is nice I guess.

I did not notice any new products in images that were not talked about but I did hear them say next generation lighting is coming which makes me wonder how they can improve their lighting. Their lighting is already extremely good. The next episode will focus on packout and a brand new category for Milwaukee. Everyone is expecting drawer units. I want to see some kind of racking system on par with DeWALT Tough System. I'm not sure what they mean by "new category". Do they mean something very specific like track saw or is it something more generalized/less specific like plumbing, ppe, framing, etc.

I do expect more m12, m18, and mx fuel products in episode 3. The focus is on m18, m12, mx, and handtools. They mentioned 20 new m18 products and 12 new m12 products coming in 2020. The 4th and final episode at least announced so far will focus on ppe and lighting. I don't really expect new rockets, rovers, etc. per say but I expect new generation of leds.  I think there will be 2 surprises of the week. The first will be a powered respirator in either m12 or m18 because it would be really fitting during this pandemic year. The other I expect will be some kind of wood working tool since the woodworking/carpentry trades tend to get neglected by Milwaukee. I expect the tool to either be a m18 track saw or a tool no one else has in cordless like a 1/2 inch plunge router or a "rotex like" sander.

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My tool addiction really stems from my daily use of impact wrenches.  So you would think when they release two new impact wrenches in my primary tool line, I would be excited.  But to be honest I don't really need either of these new models.  I already have the m12 stubby and gen 1 mid torque and while they're both nice to have in the tool box, that's where they stay 90% of the time.  My main go to is still the compact impact wrenches for my work and I've found that the wide body on the stubby doesn't fit into a lot of places i commonly need to so i just don't see these new gen 3 compact models as being very helpful to me.  I really don't use my mid torque that often but I personally see my gen 1 getting into places I work better than the new gen 2.  All of that said, come September ill probably pre-order both.

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