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DW7491 table saw not maintaining blade height

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Dewalt 7491 Table saw blade height not staying where set when in operation. I’m trying to cut a dado and when the saw is in operation, the blade creeps down and I cannot cut an accurate dado. I can watch the hamdwheel turn on its own due to vibration. 
Is there an adjustment to ‘tighten’ the screw to prevent this from happening?

Thanks in advance

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Great question.  We were just talking about that with another saw.  There has to be something and we were going to check next week with the saw we are working with.  I don't have the Dewalt in front of me, but wondering if there is a cap on the middle of the handwheel that can be taken off and tighten.  Not sure if that will just tighten the handwheel or fix the problem.

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I have not had the blade height wander but I am having a related issue.  The blade height on my DWE7491 is stuck at the maximum height.  This is a saw that only has about 60 minutes of use so corrosion should not be the problem.  Nevertheless, I sprayed WD40 on the two shafts and was able to get a little movement up and down.  I don't want to put too much leverage and was hoping someone has had a similar issue.  This happened after I was ripping some rock maple which is surprisingly dense.  The saw did not overheat or bind.


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Started experiencing the same problem with blade height slippage today on my Dewalt DWE7491RS table saw that I've had for about two weeks.  Nothing in the manual regarding blade height adjustment.  I lower the blade to the lowest setting, raise it to the height I need, start the saw and can watch the height adjustment handle slowly turn counter-clockwise thus lowering the blade.  No dust on the gears underneath as it is basically new and I don't see anything else that can be tightened really.  Called the Dewalt number on the manual, but of course, they're closed and now I get to waste my weekend not getting any work done.  Would love to know if this is just a faulty unit or if there is an actual fix.

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I recently bought the DWE7491RS table saw as well, and put my dado blades on this morning to make some cuts for cabinets I'm making. Had the same issue with the blade height dropping. It took a couple of calls, but found the answer! The Dewalt factory service techs were outstanding.


The height adjustment knob is attached to a horizontal rod that connects to a vertical rod under the table top with a pair of sprockets (or pinion). Immediately below that pinion on the vertical rod is a nut. Tighten that nut with a 17mm wrench a bit while holding the height adjustment knob. Don't over tighten, or the knob will be difficult to turn.


That took care of it.


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