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Hello, New here.

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Looking for info on Dewalt and Craftsman tools.  I just bought a dewalt dw600b trim router and I am using the 20v batteries from the hammer drill kit I have .  I just did a flush trim on a door I built and the router lights would flash and the router would shut off.  It says to in the manual to check battery charge level as the battery may be weak. Does anyone know if my model router is a battery eater or if I have a problem with the router that needs service.



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Routers will generally consume more energy than most basic drilling but by how much depends on what you are doing and how you go about it. According to testing conducted by Concord Carpenter (about 15 minutes into the linked video) the Dewalt is actually the most energy efficient of all cordless routers available today.




But what Ah battery you use as well as how sharp and clean your bits are and how hard you force your tool will all play a role in how long your batteries last. I have the Makita router so this is a bit apples to oranges, but relative to my experiences with my own router, what you are describing suggests something is off.


One thing I would suggest is to avoid slim-line batteries (think small ones that make only 2Ah or so) for most routing. They will be more likely to balk at larger cutting loads which could very well apply in a flush trim. Also make sure your bits are clean and sharp, and DON’T force the tool very hard. This is additionally important from a safety standpoint with these being trim routers using 1/4” bits that are more vulnerable to cracking during hard operation. And the longer the bit extends out the more angular stress it is going to be subjected to. Flush trim bits can extend out quite a bit. Absolutely do NOT try to force trim routers the same way you may be accustomed to with full-size 1/2” collet corded routers.

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Thanks for the replies.  I think my problem was tied to the battery not being strong enough for the job.  I put a full charge on both batteries and tested them on a couple long flush trims on scrap plywood and had no further problems.  Thank again.

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