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Good evening from Colorado Springs, CO.

I just yesterday answered an ad for a DeWalt DXAEPI1000 Inverter.

The seller, once I began to share about my situation, just gave it to me as a Gift.

I'd loaned my previous nondewalt inverter to someone I thought I knew, but I haven't seen either he or the inverter since.


TLDR - Real glad to be here, Good Inverter, Bad friend!, Inverter is not showing any signs of life, any ideas? thoughts, good, hearty recipes for Beef Stew?




Ah, such is life at times

...but it's my INVERTER!

So I was very psyched to hook it up and get the laptop charging, put it through its paces kinda.

I thought that it was my lack of the proprietary cords, or that a fuse was blown inside somewhere, but the backlit LED wouldn't light up, the fans didn't turn or even stir, and no noise came from inside the outer housing.

I got busy with the troubleshooting, changing wires, shaking it, peering into the housing muttering darkly.

To no avail

I searched online for common issues (and easy fixes) found not much.

I put it aside, but still beside my bed in the Van, and went to sleep.

Today More and Different wires, more cigs (blast), an online search or 10


So I thought that I'd join the Forums as a grateful new owner of a really cool DeWalt tool.

Ima work this out one way or another, I just hate to open the housing if

1 (as has been noted in a few of the 'Questions Answered' posts on Amazon and eBay)

That there is nothing in there to replace, or fiddle with as you pull on your beard.

2 There IS something in there,and due to my lack of facilities, I could mess it up worse.

Been derr Done dat


Thanks for having me here folks.

I have had DeWalt tools before, when I was in the world, and I respect their commitment to making excellent tools.

I'd like to see them try a line of tools maybe in some tasteful colors. Firstly I'd hop up the usual yellow, put some Safety Green Zing into it. Give It a Happening Name and advertise the heck out of it. 

Someone's already doing it somewhere, well I'm just sayin that DeWalt could be one of the first ones to do it Better, and make a pile of money while they're at it.



Good nite all




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