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Should Stores have exclusivity rights?

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I got to thinking Menards has a huge selection of brands under the Robert Bosch and Chervon parent companies. Home Depot already has the TTI market covered. Lowes is also a big SB&D retailer. Should the big 3 home improvement stores have exclusivity rights for certain brands of tools? It seems like they are kinda sorta doing this already. Smaller tool stores like Ace hardware, Acme tool, Do it Best etc. would not apply. Menards could get rid of the SB&D presence and optimize the brands under the Robert Bosch, Chervon, Masterforce, and Metabo/Metabo HPT brands. Home Depot could optimize for TTI brands and Makita. Lowes would be full on SB&D and Kobalt. It might give tool users of multiple brands incentive to shop between stores instead of favoring one over another. Having less brands could also mean you could offer larger lineups of one brand in store instead of having to offer less of one brand to make more room for other brands. It could be slightly less convenient for some but offer a slightly larger line of products per brand which could be an acceptable compromise.

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My biggest complaint with offering so many different brands in store is the selection becomes increasingly limited. One time I went to Home Depot to buy a specific omt because I knew they sold said omt. Turns out they did sell it but not in store. It is things like this that kinda annoy me. 

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It would be nice if they didnt because theres a Lowes about a mile from my house but Im a Milwaukee/Ryobi/Husky guy; so I always find myself driving the 15 minutes to Home Depot or I'll stop by HD on the way home from work because theres a HD right on the way home.

If I just need something quick and dont care what brand it is, I'll hit up Lowes though.

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