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Dewalt 54 volt hack


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Hi there


I've got a side project that I would like to use my dewalt 54 v batteries for which perhaps someone could give advice about.


I want to build a portable sound system using them as the power supply, there are certain 48v class D amplifiers that I would like to couple them with. 


I think that they put out 18v or 54v dependent on the tool being used. I was going to use some old drill/driver handles (cut the rest of the old tool away) as connections for the batteries, as they are designed to fit them and then connect them to the amplifier. 


My question is how do I get 54 volt out of the battery when using it connected to the amplifier?

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The connector on the FlexVolt tool is what enables the higher voltage of the pack. There are 2 things that need to happen, correctly, for the battery pack to output the higher voltage.


First the slide switch needs to be engaged.


Second, AFTER the slide switch has been engaged, the 54v tools connect C1 to C3, which enable the 54v mode.


WARNING: If you connect C1 to C3 before the slide switch has been engaged, it WILL damage the battery pack and ruin 2 of the cells in there. If you are going to use the handle from a 54v tool, which would be the best way to go about it, then you'll be fine as it will do all of that switching properly.


Also be aware that while it's running at 54v, it's going to be 1/3 the rated Amp hour, as that rating on there is for the 18v mode. So a 6.0Ah pack is only 6.0Ah at 18v, at 54v it's going to be a 2Ah pack.

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