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Makita multi-head installation drill potential?

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I’ve found a need for a multi head installation drill and have been looking at the Milwaukee and festool.

Festool is crazy expensive, underpowered and lacks accessories

And Milwaukee have decided to put their forward/reverse selector on top of the drill in the form of a button. (A deal breaker for me), the other ones on the market are with too bulky or not great quality.


Does anyone know of any secret Makita plans to release a tool like this? Seems like they could sweep this section of the market with a well engineered 12v drill.

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3 hours ago, TyMonk said:Seems like they could sweep this section of the market with a well engineered 12v drill.

I 100% agree with you here. But I really don’t expect them to. Just because it would be so trivial for them to have done it many years ago by this point. It would be awesome though.

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It will be difficult to beat Bosch in that tool. Have you had look at Bosch 12v multi head drill? And the Bosch batteries are better too!

I am a Makita fan for 18v and corded but All Bosch for 12v as their platform is quite large + lasers and other scanners, inspect cameras, etc all on the same 12v battery so quite a good for me. And the 12v Bosch range has been upgraded to all brushless. Have a look.

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@TyMonk I know you mentioned the button on the top of the Milwaukee is a deal breaker. When I got the m12, I wasn't sure what I would think about it at first. After using it for awhile it actually isn't as bad as you would think. The fact you hold the Milwaukee like a drywall screwgun helps make the case for the button on the top in my opinion. Now I am so used to having the button I'm not sure I would switch to a traditional direction switch.

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On 12/5/2020 at 10:10 PM, Jjwillac said:

Ich habe ein Video gesehen, in dem jemand den Makita 1/4 Sechskantschraubendreher umgebaut hat, um die Bosch-Köpfe durch 3D-Druck einer Adapterplatte zu akzeptieren. War super glatt.

Had the video linked, but was deleted again !?  

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