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MilwaukeeM18 Gen 2 Impact Wrench Mid-Torque -Fastening Torque -Mode 1

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Good to go. Just conducted a torque test on my new M18 Gen 2 Mid torque impact wrench to determine fastening torque Mode 1 & then Mode 4. Non-scientific of course, more like a working stiff kind of test. Placed a trailer ball hitch with fastening nut 1 1/8 head in the vice and rattled down twice in mode 1. . Ugga dugga rattled for about 3 seconds after secure. Torqued to about 80lbs ish both times. This mode provides less torque than Mode 2 or 3. Verified the torque with two different torque wrenchs at breakaway torque. Loosening & tightening breakaway. Mode 4 minimal torque 15-20lbs just beyond hand tight. That mode is for delicate applications and operated as it should. 

New stuff for me, always tightened with manual wrench never used impact wrench. A bit overkill as main use will be for mower blade removal/installs, DIY car stuff.
Getting older now, curious about using the impact and want to use it cautiously and not over tighten and make trouble for myself, Could of gotten by with a less powerful unit like the M12 Stubby but, for now I think I'm sticking with the big boy.


Anybody else conduct  DIY fastening  torque tests in different modes?

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