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New portable Jobsite vac needed. With some sucking oomph!


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I’m in the market for a new jobsite vac. My Ridgid  4 gallon 4500RV died and warranty has been a nightmare. I need capacity to a certain extent. I do drywall repair, woodworking on site.  I’m on the Milwaukee M18 M12 and Makita 18 platforms. If its cordless.  I do have the canister M18 hand vac but its too small for cleanups. I like to hold my vac hose in my hand as I do sanding or attach it to my tools if possible.  So I use a 10 ft hose at times 1 1/4, . I have a big ass 10 gallon Ridgid, But only lug it around when I use my Drywall sander.

Track saw, oscillating tool, Makita drywall cutter come to mind when I like to use it.  I’ve even use it to capture concrete dust and have it laying beside me as I move along. HEPA is a must. My run times are 10 to 30 mins. Most times.

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I kinda looked at that. But since I keep my tools in a covered truck box or rear seat crew area. It was too bulky to not get damaged. I also looked at the 18Vx2 makita 2 gallon wheeled  HEPA vacs,.Just gets me nervous on sucking and run time. I have 5.0 batteries PLUS cold weather here really slows down battery performance if I forget to take the batteries in.

I even looked at Festool. BUT the permanent  filter bag cost at over 250 bucks . Is not happening. I buy bags in bulk at a cost of 5 bucks each, used one every 2 or 3 weeks and even reuse them,LOL

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The most powerful battery powered vac that I know of is the DeWALT Flexvolt and Metabo HPT at 124-125 cfm if I remember right. Most vacs that meet osha silica requirements are around 150 cfm. Bosch makes a corded vac with 300 cfm which would exceed your power needs but it is probably going to be about as portable as your 10 gallon Ridgid. Another option for you is a cordless power supply. This would allow you to power most 120v corded vacs. These power supplies aren't cheap. Ego and Milwaukees offerings are over $1000. In the battery platforms you own, Makita makes the most powerful cordless at 78 cfm and it is a 1.6 gallon backpack vac. It isn't atleast 90 cfm like you wanted but it is still 20-30 cfm more than most other cordless options out there https://www.makitatools.com/products/details/XCV17Z

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