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Tell me about Bosch


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So, Ive been a big Ryobi tool user for a few years now but Im looking to step up to something a little bit better.  I returned my cordless Ryobi circular saw because the shoe was crooked and returned my Ryobi router because it just felt kind of cheap.

So, I look at what HD has in stock and I see Bosch.  So, I pick up a Bosch CS10 7 1/4" corded circular saw, a Bosch 1 1/4 hp router and a Bosch 1/4 sheet sander.  Thus far, theyre awesome.  I used the circulaw saw to cut some plywood for some shelves yesterday and it cuts like a dream.  Today, I used the router to trim the edge flush on a table I made for my miter saw and it worked great.  By no means am I an expect with routers but its so easy to set up and use.  I also used the sheet sander to do final sanding on the legs and table top of that router table and it was like butter when I got done with the 220 grit and the dust collection system is so good that I almost didnt think it worked very well at first, until I went to empty the dust box and found it was about half full.

So, that leads me to ask, how are Bosch tools overall?  I see that they make pretty much a full line and their drill/drivers and impacts look to be pretty nice.  Im pretty deep in the Ryobi One+ battery line right now but Im thinking in 5 years or so, when Im looking at replacing batteries, I may go Bosch.  Thoughts?

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Generally speaking I think bosch is perceived as a reliable and quality power tool.  They're probably on a level with dewalt, makita, and milwaukee. When it comes to cordless they don't seem to be to excited about releasing new tools in the US nor are they concerned with trying to be the leader when it comes to performance numbers.  Yet when it comes to real world josite performance they have no problem keeping up.  We mainly run Milwaukee and Dewalt cordless tools but I have one set of bosch tools that stays in our metal fab shop and I've never felt like they're lacking anything in performance and they've held up well over the years.

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Im impressed with the ones I have so far.  Last weekend, I took a wall out of my basement and I used the jigsaw to break down some of the studs and drywall so that they would fit in the trash can.

That jigsaw tore through that stuff and cut it down to size in no time.  The blower on that saw is no joke either.  It blew all the saw dust into next week, although I dont think that my Ryobi mower much appreciated being covered in sawdust.

Same with my Bosch trim router.  I made some barstools and used the router to trim the plywood for the seat flush with the sides.  I put a Diablo flash trim bit in it and that thing went through it like a buzzsaw.  It even covered the front of my shirt completely in sawdust. LOL

Im happy thus far.  Now Im looking at picking up a Bosch 3/8" corded drill/driver.  I dont know that I really need one but for the money, its almost hard to pass up and you cant go wrong with a good corded drill, especially for drilling holes in wood with a spade bit.

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