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High Capacity Batteries


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Bought the new 18 v Vacuuum yesterday. Went back and forth about which battery to buy for this tool - the bigger the better. Stopped at the local Milwaukee Service store in Cleveland, Ohio-about 2 miles away and asked the tech there his opinion betweem the 8ah and 9ah batteries. Hope Depot had a bunch of the 8's in stock, but no 9's. He stated "you probably  won't find any 9's around , Milwaulkee is fasing them out". Anyone else hear about this? I ended buying the 8.

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The 9.0 wasn't one of milwaukees better batteries.  I have 3 and one of them will only charge to 3 bars.  If you look at reviews on milwaukees website this is a common issue on the 9.0 it has something to do with not being able to balance the charge in the cells.  I really do like the runtime when paired with a high demand tool like a grinder or rotary hammer but they also can be overheated with prolonged continuous use.  


The 8.0 is a newer generation of battery and where the 9.0 uses 15 18650 cells the 8.0 uses 10 larger 21700 cells.  I'm no battery expert but the 21700 cell is what all brands are switching to in their high output batteries.  I'm sure on some lower demand tools the 9.0 will give a bit more runtime but I wouldn't be surprised if on a high demand tool that they would be very similar.  In the end I think you'll be happy that you bought the 8.0 over the 9.0.

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