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Ryobi brushless battery mower smoking

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So long story short I tried mowing my lawn after about 2 weeks of constant rain but the grass has grown quite tall. Tried mowing it on the highest setting and taking it slow however the grass still being wet, the catch would clog up quite quickly. 

I noticed a tiny wisp of smoke from the mower but then it stopped. I decided to slow down even more but noticed it happen again when the catch clogged up 


Performance of the mower doesn't seem affected however I am worried about the smoke I had seen. Has the motor been damaged beyond use or can I still use the mower in the future with no dramas?



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I think the moist grass is touching the hot parts of the mower and that is why your are seeing smoke, you can wait for sometime so that the grass will be dried, and then you can use the mower, and keep cleaning the mower after cutting, it can clog it easily. 


If you clog an electric mower with too much grass it will create so much heat inside the straining electric motor that it will melt its components and burn out- and never start again.


And wet grass tends to bend over because of the weight of water on it, and the blade of lawn mower will miss it, and that is why it is recommended to wait until the water is dried out. Moisture can also rust the important parts of the mower as well. Mowing a wet lawn require more efforts and time as well, 

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I get that with my mower also.  Mine isn't a motor or any issue other than the moisture on the grass.  When my bag is all most filled or I get a clump of grass, I think the blade hits the wet grass that is built up inside and it just kicks out moisture all at once.  It sounds like the identical think you are seeing but that is just what's going on with my mower.

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