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Why are Brushless Drills Better?


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I am thinking of buying a drill online, but got confused between the brushless and brush drill, can you suggest which one is better and why, and which one is more reliable for long life. I don't want to buy anything crap and waste my money. 

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Brushless is more efficient, so you will get more power and longer run time.  They claim the motor itself will last longer too.  IMO, brushless is a little overrated but if you want the best, most powerful tool; you cant go wrong with brushless.

I own brushed and brushless tools and they both do the job they were built to do.

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Brushless drills are the here and now, man!  Brushed tools belong in classic episodes of Home Improvement and museums.  🤡


Seriously, most of my cordless tools are brushless.  I like the compactness, power, efficiency, and so on of these.  That said, the biggest fallback to brushless tools is same thing that makes them so great, their reliance on electronics and circuitry.  While fairly rare, a faulty or damaged circuit board or switch can lead to expensive repairs or replacement.  Brushes wear out, but many brushes are easily replaced and can give a tool multiple lifetimes.  


I draw my opinions from my days as a material handling equipment technician specializing in electric fork trucks.  I've swapped out many a set of brushes on the basic machines.  Brushes and/or contacts were the cause of a lot of issues with the various Crown, Halla, and other equipment I diagnosed and repaired.  Some of the more computerized equipment, though, such as rail or wire guided turret stock pickers, had complex circuit boards that would cost the customer a lot more to replace.  


Then again, I'm just bored at work and waiting to see how backed up the gas stations are on the way home.  If my truck was electric, I'd be happy regardless of whether it used brushed or brushless motors!  😁

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