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M12 JS Jigsaw


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I'm pretty hooked on the M12 Jigsaw due to it's size, but a bit confused why Milwaukee doesn't make a Fuel version in the M12 lineup?

Does it matter whether or not the M12 JS is not a Fuel model?


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Probably the biggest thing a fuel model would gain would be the brushless motor and the jigsaw is pretty battery hungry so longer runtime would be a plus.  Its not terrible with a xc battery but it always could be better.  I have the m12 jigsaw and while I don't use it much I would say it could use some sort of dust blower.  Before I bought it that seemed to be the biggest complaint in online reviews and I thought well how bad could it be?  Well even with just limited homeowner use I thought it was pretty bad and hard to follow a line because of all the saw dust.  I would imagine a fuel model could be on a short list of models to be updated in the near future but who knows.

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I have most of my M12 kit in a systainer that I take into virtually every job with me. 
This has a sawzal, impact driver, installation drill driver and Jigsaw. 

The Jigsaw is a fab addition to this set for the odd notch in a kitchen cab, or cutting the odd batten or something. 

I have used it to lay laminate flooring but it does need a blower for sure and also it would benefit from pendulum action to speed up the cutting. 


It’s fab for the odd cut but not one to have on its own without the M18 for heavier duties or an electric one to step in where the M12 falls short.  

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