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EGO POWER+ Z6 ZTR Mower (Is the Technology There Yet? If So, is it Worth the Price?)

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I recently saw EGO's new ZTR mower listed on their site, and my first thought was "I've gotta get one!"  The mower looks promising, with "Tech Specs" including the following:


Holds up to 6 batteries for maximum runtime (4 included)

Power of gas with 22 HP equivalent engine

Cuts up to 2-Acres on a single charge with the included 4 56V 10.0Ah ARC Lithium™ batteries and up to 3-Acres on a single charge with 6 x 10Ah batteries.

World’s First Platform Compatible Rider – powered by all EGO 56V Arc Lithium™ batteries

3-7 MPH Speed, up to 8 MPH in travel mode

3 driving modes: Control, Standard, Sport

Stay connected – Bluetooth, USB charging port, and phone holder

32 LED lights front, side, and rear

Industry’s fastest charger! 2-hour charge time with included Z6 charger and 4 x 10.0 Ah ARC Lithium™ batteries

5 year tool, battery, and charger warranty with registration


Another website shows an estimated price of around $5000, which a summary search of Lowe's shows is about $2000 more than a big box ZTR, and on par with some mowers from the likes of Bad Boy, which brings me to a thought I'll bring up later.  


So, is the technology there yet?  I think it is; EGO has proven time and again that their OPE is more than capable of replacing gas-powered equipment for most residential uses.  I've owned and used the heck out of their push mower and string trimmer, and am more than satisfied with their performance.  Every time I listen to a neighbor struggle to pull-start their mower, I'm reminded of how much better it is to simply pop a battery in, unfold the EGO mower, and start cutting.  On the flip side, every time I watch another neighbor on their riding mower, I'm reminded of how nice it was when I still had mine.  This EGO mower looks outstanding on paper, and with a five-year warranty, there is not much risk for those who are unsure of the technology's staying power.  With that said, though, as I looked at the pictures and visited Big Boy's website to check their prices and features, I started rethinking that initial "gotta get one!" for the following reasons.


I looked at Big Boy because my neighbor did extensive research years ago before buying his ZTR.  He had been running an old Murray riding mower for about 15 years, so when he decided to finally replace it he wanted something that he'd buy once and not worry about having to replace it in the foreseeable future.  He was excited about Big Boy's specs, and when he found a used one for the right price he drove 2-3 hours to pick it up.  It's a nice mower, with a welded deck that I recall was primary feature he looked for as he explored brands and models.  The EGO mower has a stamped deck, not unlike most big box ZTRs, and for such a large investment I'd wonder how long it would last under regular--not to mention heavy--use.  Also, it looks like the EGO uses a significant amount of plastic trim.  Mowers can take a beating depending on the property they are used on, so this tells me that the EGO is probably best reserved for well-maintained lawns, not yards such as mine where there may be stones, tree branches, and other things that can damage a deck or fly up and dent/crack the mower itself.  My final note (for now) is that there seems to be zero grease fittings.  The EGO manual mentions checking the blade flange grease every fifty hours, while the Bad Boy ZT Elite (starting MSRP $4499) has grease fittings at the pump belt, drive belt, and both control arms.  Call me old-fashioned, but I like to see grease fittings on certain types of equipment.  To me, "sealed" bearings and "permanent" lube are akin to the sealed transmission on my wife's Mountaineer.  Nice in concept, but it requires a trip to the dealer and almost certain parts replacement--diminishing the owner's ability to repair their own property.


This is not meant to be a criticism of EGO's first foray into the world of ZTR mowers, nor is it designed to promote Bad Boy or any other traditional ZTR manufacturer.  I think that the EGO looks great, and if I had the money to spend on it and spare batteries, I'd probably buy one despite my criticisms.  If and when I invest in a ZTR, though, I want to buy something that will last, even if "lasting" means that my ZTR looks like Frankenstein's monster in twenty years.  I want something that I can rebuild or repair if needed...something that might see a quick weld, a retrofitted seat, or an engine rebuild.  The technology for this EGO looks "there" but I don't think the mower itself is rugged enough for my wants when compared to the possible budget I'll be on.  


Anyway, I could ramble on all day, but what are your thoughts?  If I had to summarize, I'd say that this is like most other technologically advanced things.  Take the Tesla truck, for example, I like it for some strange reason and its specs are much better than my 2006 Sierra with over 300k miles.  Would I buy a Tesla over a new gas or diesel truck?  Probably not, as it just doesn't seem like something you'd want to abuse.  

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@fm2176 As someone who uses commercial mowers on a regular basis, this is very much a residential unit. The price is roughly that of an entry level bare bones commercial mower which will likely have a larger deck with similar power ratings. Even some residential units are reaching $5k. I have heard electric units don't stripe as well as gas units but most electric units aren't commercial grade like the mowers pros try to compare them to. I expected grease fittings but I am surprised to not see any information on grease fittings. Just because they swapped out gasoline for batteries doesn't mean they can forget the grease. There are still quite a few moving parts that need grease. I am patiently waiting what Ego has in store for us commercial guys. Their commercial line kinda feels neglected at this point. It was released to North America in the spring/summer of 2019 and nothing has been added to the line tool wise.

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Thanks for elaborating on this.  I guess I was trying to clarify between pure residential and entry-level commercial mowers when comparing the EGO to the Big Boy ZTR.  I don't have a lot of land (just shy of an acre), the terrain is flat (it is South Louisiana, after all), and overall the EGO seems more than adequate, but I'm the sort that doesn't want anything close to adequate when I can get a more robust machine for the same price, even if it means more maintenance or upkeep.  


As a lawn care guy, I can imagine that you are interested in what EGO does.  I checked out their site yesterday and was disappointed to find that their commercial line is suffering from the same fate that others seem to (DeWalt 40v Max, anyone?), namely a lot of initial hype and then product line stagnation.



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@fm2176 I'm sure it is every bit as quality as the entry level commercial units. I was just saying pros tend to compare any given mower they get to try out with an offering from their preferred brand and typically it is not the entry level offering it is more in the high end territory. It's not entirely their fault because they mostly use the mowers they already have to compare to. These units are typically a higher end offering. 

I think build quality wise the commercial Ego string trimmer is in my opinion the best built string trimmer currently on the market. The commercial units from the likes of Stihl, Echo, and Makita don't even have metal housings around the motors or even metal triggers where the Ego does. Ego is the only one that offers a carbon fiber shaft which to my knowledge is the only company that offers this.


I would recommend watching Stanley's video on the mower.


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