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Refurbish wood floor


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Today my gf and I were at our new house preping for move in. She was painting our daughters room and I was vacuuming and cleaning carpets.

As I was vacuuming in the front room I got a snag from the carpet wound up it the vacuum. It pulled up the corner, so I take a look and the carpet is on top of linoleum which is on top of wood flooring.

We were planning on taking the carpet out anyway and putting down a laminate. I begged my gf to let me pull that carpet and linoleum out today! We aren't moving in for a week and a half. And I would rather do that job when we aren't living there.

My question is this, barring a major patch job, could a guy refurbish a 20x12 wood floor working 3-4 hours a day in that time?

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I did it with a belt floor sander, if you opt for this make sure you keep that baby as flat as possible. Otherwise you'll have nice little rolling hills throughout your surface.

Yep, that's why I say the belt types are best left to the pro's.

Then again, you aren't exactly an amateur :)

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Thank you all. I think it's out of the cards for now. We're supposed to have some crappy weather for the next few days. Gonna be an early fall in the Pacific Northwest.

I think when I get around to it I'm going to go for either the distressed/primitive look, or natural tone. Any opinions?

My wife is crazy about primitive style. It does kinda grow on you I suppose.

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The worst is trying to scrape up the glue that is used on out door carpet......you talk about adhesive!!

Tell me about it. I removed some 70's foam back glue down carpet from the kitchen in my last home. The carpet came up fine. The foam, not so much. I spent close to 8 hours scraping that crap off.

I suppose I'll have to do the same if the linoleum is well secured.

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