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New Drills and Track Saw Coming to Europe

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Festool has a couple new drills coming out in Europe. They look like they will replace the DTC and PDC models. The new names are TDC and TPC respectively. There are quite a few feature updates/additions. These drills will include electronic kickback protection. The led light seems to have had some updates with adjustability via an app. The clutch has a redesign that is now a dial similar to what the T18+3 has. The belt hook is now a regular metal belt hook that most other pro brands have. Also includes built in magnetic bit storage. They retain the 4 speed gearbox but include a new switch. Performance numbers are not given but specifically gear 2 is said to have more power. Hopefully it got some more power because the previous models really lacked in power when compared to other pro level premium drill offerings. Chucks seems to have a better compatibility between tools now. Some of the chucks seem to be compatible with both the T18/C18 the new TDC and TPC. The Right angle and eccentric chucks are redesigned to allow for adjusting the angle without having the remove the chuck. It comes in 5 different kits. The metal keyless chuck comes standard in the basic kit the plastic chuck does not come in any kits anymore.


There is a new TSC 55 K saw coming. Appears to be both Europe and North America. It includes an anti-kickback feature and faster cutting with a new generation of blades. Not much else changed except the charge display seems to have been removed which isn't a big deal considering the newest batteries have charge displays built in.


My thoughts
The new drills are a welcome upgrade. Nothing that really jumps out at me as being a bad change. I like that you can use an eccentric chuck on it now. Makes it more versatile. It is disappointing that there is no info on whether the new model will be coming to North America.

The saw update is pretty minor in my opinion. I would have liked to have seen more. The North American model only comes in a Plus kit which is strange considering the European model has the Basic and Set kits as well. The kits also downgrade the charger. You do only get one TCL6 charger. You no longer receive the faster Airstream charger. You used to receive 2 chargers as well which is now only reserved for Europe. Even the old model in North America is shipping with one charger now. I have never experienced kickback with my track saw and question whether I really need this feature considering it already includes a riving knife. If the extra safety means I can cut faster, maybe the change is a good one.

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