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Turning a bathroom into a refrigerator with a window A/C unit

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Long story short, I've got some projects coming up where I need to maintain a consistent temp around 45 F for a few days.  Only way I know how to do that is in a fridge, or possibly by turning my extra 1/2 bath (small) into a cooler using a window a/c unit.


I think most window a/cs now a days have thermostat control and some of them are digital.  I'm thinking I'll need one with some kind of non-digital dial type control.  Rewire the thermostat to remain a closed circuit so that the a/c cools whenever it gets power.  Then put a separate thermostat in-line with the power cord and control the temp that way.


Questions are...  Anyone see a problem with this setup?  I wonder if it would harm an a/c to have ~45 F / 7 C intake air?

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Welcome to the forum.


It is unlikely that a window A/C will decrease the interior temperature to 45°F.


A room A/C has a maximum interior / exterior differential, something in the 15-20°F range.


It also has an operating temperature range.


It is unlikely that the A/C manufacturer would have designed the A/C to support that requirement.

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I agree, I don't think a window unit would work.  We had window units in our house.  Even on nights we left the bedroom door closed and the window unit on all night with it being 60 degrees outside, it never even got close to getting the room down to 60 degrees.  The room was 12x12 so it's a larger than a bathroom.

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I think you need to make the room airtight so that it can be cooled down, and one AC unit is not enough for the size of your room, but you can definitely try. I really like your plan of doing this. Update us here as well about the progress.

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