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Happy springtime neighbors!

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Thanks for reading.  


I’ve finally had an idea good enough to sell that I’m in the market for my first lathe. I’ve got about $600 in store credit at both HD and Lowe’s so for now I’m gonna settle for something that’ll get the job done and then upgrade later.


Any opinions about this WEN lathe from HD? ...




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Since my original post I've been advised against the WEN so I'm afraid I'll have to avoid that one.  I've just come across this Delta 46-460 lathe at Lowes for $698. I can get the extension and stand on my HD credit and have a 1 HP motor and 42" bed. Quality product?



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Whew, tool buying fever. Itchy fingers too. Well, I’ve just learned about duplicating systems and since that’s exactly what my application calls for I better go for that option. I really started to go for the Jet 1221VS but the duplicating systems I’ve seen require the motor be mounted behind or to the left of the spindle and the Jet has it mounted underneath.


I was directed to a Grizzly model that has a ‘copy attachment’ included but was advised against it. So far this is the only model I’ve seen where the duplicator comes with.


Can anyone suggest a lathe / duplicator combo other than the $370 one at Rockler?

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I wish I could assist you, but I haven't gotten a lathe yet, and the last one I used was an old industrial one when I worked at a gutter business 25 years ago.  The owner's father had invented a hinge we built in house, so the old band saw and lathe were used by the owner himself (I was a 17-year-old dropout, so it was probably for the best that I only worked the drill press and tumbler).  

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