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Milwaukee 2704 chuck removal issue

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Trying to remove chuck on a 2704.  The reverse thread screw is out but I can't get the chuck to loosen.  Drill has battery removed, in setting one, in drill mode.  Tried the allen key way turning it counter clockwise but the chuck spins.  It will start out in a locked position but when I applied leverage to loosen it, the chuck spins.  It's like a clutch isn't holding it locked.  Not sure if it has a clutch but that's the best I can describe it.  Any suggestions?

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I have a 2703 and 2704 and for whatever reason with enough force you can spin the motor backwards by turning the chuck.  I don't think it was always that way and the 2704 can't be spun by hand.  Almost like there should be a braking force from the motor but the one no longer has it or it's not as strong.  I actually changed out the chuck on the 2703.  I tried putting a small breaker bar on the allen first, then tried an impact wrench on the allen, also tried a hammer and none of those worked.  If the drill works and it'll lock the allen wrench in the chuck, what I finally did was attach the side handle, put the drill in low gear, and lock the allen in a vise.  Then I just ran the drill in reverse and with acouple short burst of full trigger pulls it spun the chuck right off.

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