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Should I buy a chainsaw to cut Pine Tree Roots? Chainsaw buying Help needed.

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I have couple of pine trees in our yard and roots have grown on top of the surface and caused a crack in the side of the house. A local home inspector suggested that cutting the pine trees down would be your best alternative in preserving your property.


 I am really good at using an AXE but here is the issue. I am 4 months pregnant and I don't want to use an axe. It can be dangerous as it need lot of energy and strong hits specially when I see that roots of pine are too thick. I am thinking to dig around, wire brush then use a chainsaw instead of an Axe. Same was advised by a friend who is into woodworking profession. I have to do it myself as my husband is based in UAE working as construction manager in a construction company. 


I am googling for last 2 days for which chainsaw to buy that is durable as well as lightweight. But problem is that there are so many models available on the internet that it's quite hard to decide which one to buy. I have watched some videos on youtube suggesting Stihl models but a friend of mine told me that Stihl used really cheap quality plastic instead of metal body and is not durable at all. I came across couple of useful articles that are specific to women chainsaws but not sure which model to pick. I feel like Black + Decker LCS 2020, 10" is a good buying option whereas this review suggest couple of Greenworks models as best lightweight chainsaws. 

It would be nice if I get an expert opinion so I don't make a mistake in making the purchase. Also suggest from where I can buy it with a best price, Amazon or homedepot or somewhere else to look for?  Thanks in advance!

- Best
Sarah D.



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Welcome to the forum.


Be aware that chainsaw kickback is a concern when used in this fashion. The tip / blade will be in dirt / rocks, in addition to the wood. Extensive cleaning / lubrication especially on the tip wheel, blade groove and chain will help reduce the wear from this operation mode.


Note that another option is mushroom stump removal. I have used this with acceptable results in several instances.


For tools like this I frequently purchase used, such as with Craig's List, Offer Up or eBay.

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