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Tracksaw is overkill for what I need - just need to regularly cut down mdf or similar in straight lines - reccomendations?

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Just moved studio and the old place had a festool tracksaw I could use when I wanted. I've moved somewhere smaller and to be honest a tracksaw is overkill for what I need (incl. space). I'll be cutting MDF or similar up to 18mm in straight lines let's say roughly up to MAX 2000mm. Would be great to get something battery op with dust extraction, but not essential. I've been looking at small circular saws like the MAKITA HS301DZ 85MM 12V LI-ION CXT CORDLESS CIRCULAR SAW but there's no track so how does it keep straight?


Sorry if this is a very stupid question but I've gone from using tools that were available to me to buying my own and as a table saw and festool were such overkill I know I don't need them, yet not sure what other power tools are available/suitable for what I need! 



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You can do one of two things to make a straight cut.

  1. Kreg has a track system that will work on all most any saw.
  2. When I need to make a straight cut, I use a level and clamp it to my work.  So if I need to cut a piece of plywood, I use my 8' level (If I am cutting a smaller piece, I use a smaller level). 
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@Jessex you mentioned dust collection. In my opinion if dust collection is something you want then I would go nothing less than a track saw. Even if you think the saw is overkill you will be thankful you had the saw with decent dust collection versus one that might have a dust port but poor dust collection. Also the fact you are cutting MDF is a huge incentive to go track saw since MDF is extremely dusty. Maybe you could find a nice deal on a used cordless track saw?


In terms of Erics clamp method, any handheld circular saw should work. You just have to take into account the offset for the blade and shoe in your measurements. Each saw is likely to be different 

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