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Best Cordless Nailer - What's your favorite Cordless Nailer?

Eric - TIA

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Just wondering what your favorite or best cordless nailer is.  We have received a ton of questions on what nailer we like the best. 


Framing Nailer

A couple of years ago, I would have said the Paslode.  I used the heck out of that gun and it was awesome.  But always a pain if I ran out of gas or it was too cold to operate.  At the time, I never found a pure battery alternative until Metabo HPT (Hitachi) came out with theirs.  Now, for pure battery, the Metabo and Milwaukee are my top picks, followed by Paslode because I don't think the rest of the battery platforms can keep up with Paslode and the quick fire.  



Again, a couple of years ago I would have said the Paslode as it was a beast.  However, now I am a huge fan of the Dewalt cordless finish nailer.  I like how smooth and consistent it is.  Plus don't have to deal with gas.


What are your guys thoughts?

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I don’t claim to have much to say I haven’t tried a lot of brands and don’t nail very often in the first place, but learning Ryobi has been making remarkably capable nailers for quite a number of years was a pleasant surprise given that my main platform Makita (among many others) has sucked so bad at them for ages. Haven’t specifically looked into it but I’m figuring consistent with a lot of their recent increasing platform crossover Ryobi’s “air strike” design has to be what Milwaukee based their new nailers on for them to be so competitive.


I first got mine to reinstall the trim around my kitchen cabinets that had to come out when I replaced my microwave and was pleasantly surprised by how smooth and easy they make it. Very effective, nails go in precisely with no fuss. Might have to use a lot more nails for rough projects coming down the pipeline.


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I can't compare my cordless nailers to other brands as I only have one of each type, but I love the DeWalt finish nailer.  I also have the Ryobi brad and pin nailers along with the M12 stapler.  All of those are outstanding for my uses, and the low price of the Ryobi nailers make them a great value for anyone not wanting to deal with a compressor.

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On 4/15/2021 at 5:59 AM, Eric - TIA said:

Great point.  Wow, I forgot about the Ryobi nailers.  I used the Ryobi for some trim in my house last year and it was also great.  Yes, very smooth and consistent.

It’s kinda silly because they are actually really good and have been for many years. The low price just makes it that much nicer. It’s a little comedic that only now finally a few higher-end companies are catching up, and many are still languishing.

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